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Just uploaded new lyrics. They are MINE; do not steal.
Snatched from the boredom of an ordinary life
Now you're embroiled in magical strife
Having adventures you've never had
But sometimes you think you’ve gone totally mad!
Your life was dull; time to punch it up, Daisy!
Let it all out, ‘cause it’s time to go crazy!
This world’s so prismatic, so wild and strange
But it’s far from perfect; it seems some things don’t change!

This Rainbow Dimension feels like where you belong
A place where you can be courageous and strong
Where is the line between Maid and Beast?
You really don’t give a f*** in the least.
You shan't be a monster or tremulous maid,
You'll fight 'cause it's fun, and the bills will get paid.
So bring on the Boojums, for you’ve got the snark
But please watch your step as you explore the dark.

Give free rein to your anger, so wild and feral
But remember that nothing is quite free, Ms. Carroll.
For there’s peril lurking in this Wonderland
Darkness all around, intrigue stealthily planned...
And over time people here slowly go wrong.
Enjoy your vacation-- just don’t stay too long!
Bloodlust and madness, and intrigue so foul
Tear it up, Snarlbear, and let loose a howl.

Snarlbear,  yeah!
Snarlbear Theme
Proposed theme song for the webcomic "Snarlbear."
Orbis Title by PurpleChaos
Orbis Title
Title screen for Trevor Reese's game Orbis  The beam was created by merging an Unravel fractal with part of  Tanya Alexis Clarke's Firey' texture, so I credit her for the use of the material. The original  composition is larger, but doesn't allow application of a watermark.
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Joseph Singer
United States
I'm a gay gamer, abstract artist, and writer living in Virginia- not that I don't appreciate sexy girls , mind you. :P

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